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Health Insurance - Critical Illness and Disability Insurance

- Covers your financial obligations

- Allows you to maintain your standard of living

- Covers various expenses relating to critical illness or disability

- Allows you to take the time you need to get back on your feet or to adapt to your new situation

- Guarantees practical financial assistance, especially for the self-employed, small business owners and employees without a group insurance plan

- Ensure you and your loved ones have monthly income if you can’t work due to a serious illness or injury - Supplement your employer-provided group coverage

- Get top-quality income protection at a discount if you’re an eligible student or recent graduate

- Get specialized disability protection with optional coverage like: special protection for medical and dental professionals practicing invasive procedures, inflation protection, and a way to contribute to your retirement funding while you’re disabled

- Gain additional peace of mind that comes from knowing when your need for income protection ends at retirement, you may be able to exchange your Proguard or Venture Series policy for Manulife long term care insurance

We offer 2 types of health insurance to meet your needs

1. Critical Illness Insurance

Offers you a lump-sum benefit payment that allows you to take time to rest in the event of a critical illness. This coverage provides you with the means to fulfill your financial commitments as well as to cover your healthcare expenses

2. Disability Insurance

Provides you with a monthly income to compensate for the loss of earnings due to a disability.  As a result, you can continue to meet your financial obligations as well as cover expenses related to your physical condition
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