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Life Insurance - Why it's so important?

- It covers your financial commitments like mortgages

- It allows your family to maintain their standard of living

- It covers death-related expenses

- It allows you to leave a legacy

- It ensures business continuity

- It completes life insurance coverage offered through your employer

We offer 3 types of life insurance to meet your needs

1. Term Life Insurance - Our flexible and affordable Family Terms

- Put a plan in place for a specified period: 10 years, 20 years or lifetime

- Protect your mortgage – a solid alternative to a lender’s mortgage insurance

- Ensure funds are available to cover existing debt, support long term costs and supplement your spouse’s income

- Get coverage that can increase or decrease as your needs change

- Cover your entire family in one, easy-to-manage plan

Protects you and your loved ones for a pre-determined period of time while you get back on your feet.

2. Permanent or Whole life Insurance

Permanently protects your family and your legacy

3. Universal Life Insurance

Offers you lifetime coverage and the opportunity to save with certain tax benefits

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