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Medical Emergency and Travel Insurance

Whether you are planning a trip, expecting visitors, visiting Canada or studying away from home, it’s wise to obtain emergency medical travel coverage to be financially protected from unexpected medical emergencies that may happen prior to or during your trip. No one expects to have a medical emergency away from home, or to have to cancel a trip due to an emergency. But these events can happen and can be disruptive and expensive

We offer 2 types of travel insurance to meet your needs

1. Visitors to Canada

Do you have family or friends coming to stay? Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance helps protect against the cost of unexpected medical emergencies that may occur during a trip. Visitors have a variety of plans and coverage options to choose from.

Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance is ideal for:

- Visitors to Canada

- Canadians who are not eligible for benefits under a government health insurance plan

- Persons who are in Canada on a work visa or visiting family on a Super Visa

- New immigrants who are awaiting for government health insurance coverage

2. Student Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for Students is designed specifically for students – where ever they travel to study. When you’re studying away from home, the least of your worries should be the cost of medical care. If left unprotected, these out-of-pocket expenses can add up. The Government Health Insurance Plan may not cover your medical expenses when you study abroad Manulife Financial Travel Insurance for Students is your way to get coverage for up to $1 million in benefits if a medical emergency strikes unexpectedly

Student Travel Insurance is ideal for:

- Canadians studying abroad

- Canadians studying in another province/territory

- International students studying in Canada

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